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  • claudio simonetti's goblin Dawn of the Dead: Original Soundtrack (double CD, £18.50)

    Re-release to mark the 40th anniversary of the movie "Dawn Of The Dead" - a real highlight for soundtrack and movie fans from old master Claudio Simo... more

  • brujeria Matando Güeros (LP, £19.95)

    label: Listenable

    Matando Güeros (Killing "Güeros") is the debut album from the band Brujeria. "Güero" is a Mexican-Spanish slang term for a blonde or light skinned/hai... more

  • nots Anxious Trend / In Glass (7", £8.25)

    label: Famous Class

    This 7-inch by NOTS is influenced by the unrelenting age of anxiety that surrounds us all on both a personal and political level. Both songs were reco... more

  • skeletonwitch Beyond the Permafrost (splatter vinyl LP, £18.75)

    label: prosthetic

    "Beyond the Permafrost" is a tightly played, thrashy as hell, and damn tuneful album. The disc combines classic thrash with a bit of melodic death and... more

  • wapassou Wapassou (LP, £19.95)

    label: Lion Productions

    Limited edition vinyl of legendary French art rock masterpiece. • Seven intriguing tracks, highly original, varied and inventive; spacy and ethere... more

  • honest john Sailor (LP, £19.95)

    label: Lion Productions

    Unreleased underground Texas hard rock from 1975! First release anywhere, anytime! Heavy grooves with dense, layered guitars and Deep Purple/Black Sa... more

  • arsen roulette / robbie's dirty crew 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (10", £17.75)

    On the road on their 2017 Easter tour, Arsen and his backing band Robbie's Dirty Crew, stopped in a small village in the middle of the French lazy cou... more

  • protomartyr The Agent Intellect (LP, £14.25)

    label: Hardly Art

    Protomartyr's third and finest work to date. Named after an ancient philosophical questioning of how the mind operates in relation to the self, it’s a... more

  • johnny moped Motorhead / City Kids (7" pic disc, £7.25)

    label: damaged goods

    Cover of classic Motorhead 7”. Damaged Goods asked a few of the bands they've worked with over the years to come up with a cover version of one of the... more

  • jubei & tyrone The Arcane EP (4-track 12", £6.50)

    label: metalheadz

    Label stalwart Jubei returns to the label alongside long term friend Tyrone for 'The Arcane EP’. Taking its name from the club night where they first... more


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  • leader of down Cascade Into Chaos (purple vinyl LP, £33.95)

  • spiritualized And Nothing Hurt (LP, £19.75)

  • cramps Live At Clutch Cargo's, Detroit 1982 (double LP, £24.75)

  • stereolab Switched On (clear vinyl LP, £16.50)

  • aisha burns Argonauta (CD, £11.50)

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