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  • broads Field Theory (LP, £15.95)

    Electronic duo Broads combine a variety of music - always delicious - ranging from synth-pop bliss to a hybrid fusion of genres straddling the divide... more

  • dave liebman / adam rudolph / tatsuya nakatani The Unknowable (double LP, £18.95)

    The Unknowable is a completely improvised, spontaneous group-composed body of music created by legendary saxophone and flute player Dave Liebman toget... more

  • pat metheny / charlie haden / jack dejohnette Live - Montreal '89 (CD, £4.95)

    Live at the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal, Salle Marie Gerin-Lajoie, Montreal, Canada on 5th July 1989. Having played with John Coltra... more

  • gagi petrovic dp[a] + hsh (CD, £12.50)

    The debut album for composer Gagi Petrovic consists of two projects that were unrelated until now: 'dp[a]' + 'hsh'. Concept 'dp[a]': Dysprosody is a v... more

  • shivers Charades (LP, £19.95)

  • anemone tube The Three Worlds: Forget Heaven (CD, £15.95)

    This CD features the entirety of the 'Forget Heaven' cassette release, plus three compilation and two unreleased tracks. The sound spectrum is immense... more

  • metavari Symmetri (coloured vinyl LP, £30.75)

    'Symmetri' is Metavari's second studio release led by electronic musician and composer Nathaniel David Utesch. The work is a stand-alone edit of Metav... more

  • los yetis Los Yetis (180g vinyl LP, £20.75)

    The brilliant debut LP by the most popular rock & roll/beat/garage band in 1960s Colombia. Unavailable on vinyl since its 1966 release, the album is ... more

  • pete astor One for the Ghost (LP + CD, £19.95)

    label: Tapete

    This is a record born through time; seasoned and erudite Indie auteur, ex-leader of Creation Records favourites The Loft and The Weather Prophets, Pet... more

  • sister rosetta tharpe Rhythm 'n' Gospel (180g vinyl LP, £9.25)

    Females have never figured strongly in the ranks of blues and rock guitar players, but the woman featured on this LP can claim to be one of the forma... more


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  • bonny doon Bonny Doon (CD, £10.95)

  • joe henderson & alice coltrane The Elements (CD, £6.50)

  • s. carey Hundred Acres (LP, £18.95)

  • songs: ohia Travels In Constants / Howler (coloured vinyl LP, £20.75)

  • baxter dury Prince of Tears (LP, £17.50)

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