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  • fire down below Hymn of the Cosmic Man (CD, £15.50)

    2018 album from the Belgian powerhouse who took the world by storm with their debut 'Viper, Vixen, Goddess, Saint'. A brilliant second release which c... more

  • sergeants mess Well That's Another Fine Mess (7", £9.75)

    On this limited 7" vinyl release of 300, the Mess provide two stormers, each in its own parallel universe, giving two options of their multi-tool. 'Co... more

  • brame & hamo Limewire EP (12", £9.75)

    Brame & Hamo are back with the third release on their eponymous imprint. ‘Trants’ and ‘Club Orange’ effortlessly upheld the Berlin based duo’s reputa... more

  • dave aju & thatmanmonkz feat. foxxee They Sleep We Love (150g vinyl 12", £9.95)

    After a wildly successful collaboration on Thatmanmonkz's "Turn It Out" from the LP, Columbus-ing, Dave Aju suggested they should continue their produ... more

  • maenad veyl Not What You See, Now What You Feel (12", £10.50)

    + poster & download. Second release on VEYL. An Experiment in Noise & Body Music. Maenad Veyl returns with six tracks of relentless electro-influenc... more

  • play dead The Final Epitaph Live (180g red vinyl LP, £9.95)

    The Final Epitaph Live is the recording of Play Dead's final performance in Stevenage, England on December 22, 1985. • Includes "The Tenant" and one... more

  • wigwam Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose (coloured vinyl LP, £29.95)

    This expanded reissue, released to celebrate Wigwam's 50 years of existence, comes in gatefold cover and with interviews with the band members and man... more

  • sankt otten Zwischen Demut und Disco (180g vinyl double LP, £28.75)

    The duo Sankt Otten from Osnabrueck (Germany), founded in 1999 and consisting of Stephan Otten and Oliver Klemm releases music on Denovali since 2009.... more

  • salsoul sounds familiar  (double LP, £16.95)

    Salsoul Records have always stayed one step ahead of the game. Since the labels inception in the early 1970's the imprint's focus has been firmly fixe... more

  • milestones of new jazz masters  (10 CD boxed set, £14.50)

    ”You make different colours by combining those colours that already exist.” This quote by Herbie Hancock could easily be his mantra. The Chicago-born... more


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  • mimicking birds Layers of Us (CD, £7.25)

  • sleep The Sciences (CD, £10.50)

  • bonnie 'prince' billy Wolf of the Cosmos (LP, £23.95)

  • sea and cake Any Day (LP, £16.50)

  • jessica risker I See You Among the Stars (CD, £11.50)

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