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  • behemoth Messe Noire (Blu-Ray + CD, £21.75)

    label: Nuclear Blast

    ďíThe Satanistí is magic. Itís dangerous. Itís adventurous, and itís organic,Ē states Nergal, the driving force behind BEHEMOTH since their inception ... more

  • l.a. salami The City of Bootmakers (digipak CD, £10.50)

    label: sunday best

    London resident L.A. Salami releases his second album through Sunday Best Recordings.  A prolific writer, there have been two previous EPs ... more

  • mira kubasińska & breakout Powiedzieliśmy Już Wszystko... (double CD, £9.95)

    A wonderful compilation of recordings of the legendary Polish vocalist Mira Kubasinska. Included are tracks which she recorded with the '60s psych com... more

  • diet cig Over Easy (coloured vinyl LP, £18.95)

    LP with Download Card Included. 'Green Eggs & Ham' edition, limited to 2,000 total. Diet Cig, the bombastic New York duo best known for their tongue-i... more

  • idealz Run the Tune EP (12", £8.75)

    Idealz has been involved with Kniteforce since the early Influential days, all the way through KFA and into this new relaunch of Kniteforce Records. T... more

  • lonnie johnson Best Jockey In Town (double CD, £4.75)

    CLASSIC BLUES COMPILATION from one of the great acoustic guitar players & singers  Lonnie Johnson was a pioneer in both blues and jazz. As a... more

  • laish Time Elastic (CD, £10.95)

    label: Talitres

    "Beguiling songs of love" - Mojo Magazine. Laish are piloted by the mesmeric Danny Green, a master of captivating confessionals and a thoroughly engag... more

  • funerary pit The Titan Sea (green vinyl LP, £7.95)

    Anybody who felt ravaged for good by being exposed to Funerary Pitís landing on the underground via their debut recording Winds of Hell 2006 will no d... more

  • me and my kites Natt O Dag (CD, £14.50)

    'Natt O Dag' is possibly the Swedish collective's best album so far. Darker, moodier and filled with some irresistible pop-hooks, 'Nat O Dag' is desti... more

  • nik pascal Magnetic Web (LP, £23.95)

    label: Wah Wah

    Psycho electronic weirdness from LA-based pioneer Nik Pascal (a.k.a. Head, a.k.a. 107-34-8933, a.k.a. Nik Raicevic), reissued on vinyl in a run of onl... more


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  • earthless Black Heaven (digipak CD, £10.75)

  • d.a. stern Aloha Hola (LP, £15.75)

  • fall New Facts Emerge (10" double LP, £18.75)

  • anti-cimex Victims of a Bomb Raid - the Discography (3 CD set, £13.50)

  • whenyoung Pretty Pure / The Collector (7", £5.25)

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