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  • ziggy alberts Laps Around the Sun (CD, £12.25)

    Ziggy Alberts is a singer/songwriter, free-surfer & environmental enthusiast from the East Coast of Australia. Entirely self-funded and independent, Z... more

  • unusual sounds  (CD, £10.75)

    In the heyday of low-budget television and scrappy genre filmmaking, producers who needed a soundtrack for their commercial entertainments could reach... more

  • shacks Haze (clear vinyl LP, £22.25)

    Fronted by 19-year-old singer/bassist Shannon Wise and 21-year-old guitarist/producer Max Shrager, The Shacks are already well on their way to becomin... more

  • jane weaver The Silver Globe (140g clear vinyl LP, £23.50)

    label: fire

    Jane Weaver's delightful 2014 psychedelic prog-folk opus, 'The Silver Globe', her sixth album. A download code is included.

  • sandman project Royal Family (CD, £8.25)

    Sandman Project was formed in the summer of 2017 by Guitarist and Composer Tal Sandman. A musical journey that begins in west Africa through Ethiopia ... more

  • timmy's organism Survival of the Fiendish (CD, £11.50)

    So this is the new album by Timmy Vulgar's band Timmy's Organism, so named because it's a beast. Vulgar (guitar/vocals) made it in six months in sprin... more

  • colin edwin and lorenzo feliciati Twinscapes Vol. 2: A Modern Approach to the Dancefloor (LP, £18.95)

    For their second Twinscapes collaboration, bassists Colin Edwin (of Porcupine Tree and MetalliC Taste Of Blood) and Lorenzo Feliciati (Naked Truth, Be... more

  • oi va voi Memory Drop (LP, £15.95)

    label: v2

    Formed at the dawn of the millennium by six young Londoners with diverse musical roots, Oi Va Voi made an instant impact with their debut album Laught... more

  • camila fuchs Heart Pressed Between Stones (LP, £14.50)

    label: ATP Recordings

    Camila Fuchs is Camila de Laborde and Daniel Hermann- Collini, forged in London and hailing from Mexico City and Munich respectively. Heart Pressed Be... more

  • manny corchado & his orchestra Aprovecha el Tiempo (LP, £21.75)

    An intense fusion of son Cubano, rhythm & blues and western pop and rock'n'roll that recalls the greatest artists of Afro Cuban dance music and Latin ... more


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  • david shire The Conversation: Original Movie Soundtrack (LP, £17.50)

  • dean wareham / cheval sombre Dean Wareham Vs. Cheval Sombre (LP, £23.95)

  • blown out Supernormal 2015 - Live Transmissions III (180g vinyl LP, £6.50)

  • theatre of hate Kinshi (CD, £10.95)

  • fuchsia Fuchsia (180g vinyl double LP + DVD, £25.50)

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