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  • hunna Dare (pic disc CD, £9.50)

    Following the release of their hugely successful debut album in the summer of 2016, Hertfordshire, UK’s The Hunna have established themselves as one o... more

  • motorhead The World Is Yours (180g coloured vinyl LP, £14.25)

  • jordan perry Jordan Perry (LP, £17.50)

    label: Feeding Tube

    "Much needed reissue of the extremely limited 2017 debut LP by Virginia guitarist, Jordan Perry. We were turned on to it when Chris Guttmacher at Blue... more

  • michael henderson Solid (CD, £7.25)

    "Electric Jazz" fans already know Michael Henderson was the first "true" funk musician and his debut album is the superior 1976 'Solid' album. =... more

  • the national Boxer: Live In Brussels (CD, £9.95)

    label: 4ad

    Grammy-winning band The National release the CD version of their very special live recording of the seminal ‘Boxer’ album.  On November 9th,... more

  • peter brötzmann octet Machine Gun (Alternate Takes) (LP, £17.50)

    Recorded May 1968 at "Lila Eule", Bremen. Alternate Versions, for the first time on vinyl! Tracklist: Machine Gun (Second Take) Responsible / For ... more

  • jenn champion Single Rider (LP, £18.95)

    label: Hardly Art

    Fans of Jenn Champion (formerly “S”) have praised her open-hearted lyrics, expertly-deployed melancholia, technical skill, and willingness to forgo co... more

  • jean-jacques perrey Prélude Au Sommeil (clear vinyl LP, £16.95)

    One of the pioneers of musique concrète and electronic tape manipulation, 'Prélude Au Sommeil' is Perrey's debut recording but shows a composer alread... more

  • druk 11000 Zamboling / Sibsoo Bazaar (7", £6.25)

    A collaboration between Silverbullit, Fontän and the Bhutanese group AA Yang - ensemble. The project took shape during a mythical trip to Bhutan where... more

  • pearl jam Ten (180g vinyl double LP, £26.95)

    Audiophile 2LP gatefold sleeve. Track Listing: Disc 1 1Once 2Even Flow 3Alive 4Why Go 5Black 6Jeremy 7Oceans 8Porch 9Garden 10Deep 11Relea... more


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  • bonnie 'prince' billy Wolf of the Cosmos (CD, £10.50)

  • the glory boy mod radio showcase vol. 3  (CD, £9.95)

  • luke haines I Sometimes Dream of Glue (CD, £10.95)

  • gruff rhys Babelsberg (LP, £15.75)

  • boys (nora karlsson) Rest In Peace (CD, £9.50)

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