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  • short skirts Flower Junkies (LP, £15.95)

    Trondheim-based garage rockers and live favourites Short Skirts release their second album. Flower Junkies contains 7 hook-laden rock and roll tracks... more

  • donovan wolfington Waves (LP, £17.25)

    label: Topshelf

    Donovan Wolfington now share their last recordings together as WAVES before wholly moving onto other projects like Buncho, Pope, New Holland, and so... more

  • nick cave and the bad seeds Bizarre Festival 1996 (140g red vinyl double LP, £19.95)

    By the time of their performance at the Bizarre Festival on 17th August 1996, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds were enjoying their most successful era to ... more

  • calvin valentine Plush Seats (CD, £10.75)

    Twenty instrumentals from the Los Angeles-based DJ/producer and half of Green Team. Valentine has produced for Nas, De La Soul, Juicy J, Bun B. Previo... more

  • breach Culture EP (12", £9.95)

    Breach returns with his first solo release since 2015 and with it a return to his roots as Breach. NKDLTD001 brings two deep, dark, moody tracks to th... more

  • gene clark Lost Studio Sessions (CD, £34.50)

    This SUPER AUDIO HYBRID COMPACT DISC, playable on all kinds of equipment, includes Jim Dickson-produced recordings from 1964, a 1967 session with Sout... more

  • brazilian girls Let's Make Love (LP, £15.75)

    Letís Make Love was produced by long time collaborator Frederik Rubens and came to life over the course of several years. On the album, the band bri... more

  • laish Time Elastic (LP, £14.25)

    label: Talitres

    "Beguiling songs of love" - Mojo Magazine. Laish are piloted by the mesmeric Danny Green, a master of captivating confessionals and a thoroughly engag... more

  • drago mlinarec Kolekcija (8 CD boxed set, £24.50)

    This EIGHT-DISC box set contains Drago's albums 'A Ti Se Ne Daj', 'Pjesme S Planine', 'Rodjenje', 'Negdje Postoji Netko', 'Sve Je U Redu', 'Tako Lako'... more

  • national jazz trio of scotland Standards Vol. IV (CD, £12.75)

    "It's kind of a double bluff calling it the National Jazz Trio Of Scotland," says Bill Wells of a group that is famously neither a jazz band or a trio... more


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  • fall New Facts Emerge (10" double LP, £18.75)

  • d.a. stern Aloha Hola (LP, £15.75)

  • haley heynderickx I Need to Start a Garden (LP, £14.95)

  • air formation Near Miss (LP, £16.75)

  • josh t. pearson The Straight Hits! (CD, £10.50)

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