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  • hamilton bohannon Stop & Go (LP, £20.75)

    Even if Hamilton Bohannon had never started his own solo musical project, he would have a long and rich background to his name. Before the 60s had end... more

  • nikolas asimos Sto Falimento Tou Kosmou / Giusurum (LP, £29.50)

    A reissue of a Greek underground album from 1992, featuring tracks that originally appeared on a bunch of cassettes. Nikolas Asimos was a well known f... more

  • from Y.O.U. (CD, £9.95)

    Y.O.U. is a blissfully emotive album of tripped out ambient hip hop instrumentals by FROM, written and recorded in the mid 90’s under Trevor Jacksons ... more

  • somah / jsm Rollin' Dub / King of Kings (12", £7.95)

    Scrub a dub finishes off 2017 with the signing of two wicked upcoming producers and some sound system material to shake any dance North or South. Unit... more

  • b+ Ghostnotes: Music of the Unplayed (Book, £45.50)

    An extended photo essay with more than two hundred images that represent a mid-career retrospective of B+’s photography of hip-hop music and its influ... more

  • al lover Cave Ritual (LP, £9.95)

    Al Lover is a producer from San Francisco, but there’s more layers to his wall of sound than meets the ear. Over the last few years he has gained much... more

  • julie doiron Julie Doiron Canta en Español Vol. II (10" LP, £12.75)

    label: Acuarela

    If you didn’t discover Julie Doiron’s music through such an improbable fact as the inclusion of one of her songs (“The Life of Dreams”) in the popular... more

  • lasry-baschet Les Nouvelles Structures Sonores Lasry-Baschet (7", £6.50)

    As a truly indispensable bookend to any listeners with the slightest interest in experimental music, French culture or the foundations of mechanical... more

  • from oceans to autumn A Perfect Dawn (CD, £8.95)

    FROM OCEANS TO AUTUMN was founded by Brandon Helms (guitars, samples) in the summer of 2006, shortly after laying to rest his previous band, Autumn Is... more

  • drab majesty Oak Wood / Egress (7", £7.95)

    The solo project of the enigmatic Deb Demure: Drab Majesty has made an undeniable impact on the underground since his crushing album debut “Careless” ... more


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  • bill ryder-jones West Kirby County Primary (LP + 7", £20.75)

  • amadou & mariam Welcome to Mali (double LP + CD, £16.25)

  • jens lekman Life Will See You Now (LP, £18.95)

  • timber timbre Sincerely, Future Pollution (CD, £9.25)

  • h. hawkline I Romanticize (CD, £10.50)

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