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  • kayleth Space Muffin (Rusty Edition) (CD, £14.75)

    The second edition of the highly acclaimed album 'Space Muffin' by Italian space/stoner rockers Kayleth. This edition comes with different artwork and... more

  • orielles Silver Dollar Moment (blue vinyl LP, £18.95)

    label: heavenly

    Sidonie Hand Halford is a Christmas temp at the Post Office in Liverpool, her younger sister Esme is studying English literature at Manchester and t... more

  • harm's way Posthuman (CD, £12.95)

    Harm's Way's metallic hardcore has won them fans on four continents; their reputation for delivering blistering sets cannot be overstated, and their t... more

  • dirty sweet Once More Unto the Breach (LP, £29.50)

    The third full-length (and first since 2009's 'American Spiritual') from the San Diego-based rockers

  • jean-jacques perrey Prélude Au Sommeil (LP, £16.75)

    One of the pioneers of musique concrète and electronic tape manipulation, 'Prélude Au Sommeil' is Perrey's debut recording but shows a composer alread... more

  • john coltrane Coltrane (180g vinyl LP, £17.75)

    Deluxe reissue edition, presented in a gatefold sleeve including rare photos and liner notes. Classic Coltrane, originally from 1957!

  • james zabiela: balance 029  (double CD, £12.75)

    It seems somehow surprising that it’s only now that James Zabiela enters the fold of Balance’s compilation selectors. A perfect fit for the series, hi... more

  • rumbita buena  (LP, £22.75)

    RUMBA FUNK & FLAMENCO POP FROM THE BELTER & DISCOPHON ARCHIVES, 1970-1976. A 14-track compilation featuring rare and overlooked tracks from the heyday... more

  • 'little' roy wiggins The Fabulous Steel Guitar Artistry of (coloured vinyl LP, £25.95)

    Pedal steel virtuoso 'Little' Roy Wiggins presents a collection of Hawaiian-themed instrumentals, showcasing his tone, touch and approach in the guise... more

  • band-maid World Domination (CD, £12.75)

    The hotly anticipated second major studio album from Japanese rock sensation BAND-MAID. The band have their eyes set on world domination with this re... more


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  • ty segall Freedom's Goblin (double LP, £22.50)

  • nick oliveri N.O. Hits At All Vol. 4 (coloured vinyl LP, £23.50)

  • baxter dury Prince of Tears (digipak CD, £10.50)

  • joel gion Joel Gion (LP, £18.75)

  • staches EP III (12", £14.75)

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