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  • chai Wagamamania (CD, £11.50)

    Luckily for fans of goofy, happy, and endlessly entertaining pop, the music CHAI wants to make is all of those things and Wagamamania is the work of a... more

  • judith ravitz Bolerio (180g vinyl LP, £18.75)

    Galvanised by a passion for soul, jazz, funk, folk, and Brazilian samba, Judith Ravitzís Bolerio (in Hebrew, Yehudit Ravitz Ė בוא &#... more

  • embrooks We Who Are (180g vinyl LP + CD, £14.95)

    Formed at the tail end of 1996, The Embrooks (Alessandro Cozzi-Leprióguitar, vocals; Moleóbass, vocals; Lois Tozeródrums) were initially influenced b... more

  • sunn trio Fayrus (140g vinyl LP, £22.95)

    More than 10 years after the demise of Sun City Girls as an entity, something wild and weird has now surfaced, grown and ripened in the heat and dust ... more

  • nick nicely All Along the Watchtower (7", £7.75)

    label: Fruits de Mer Records

    Nick Nicely is back on vinyl, and back on FdM, with a double A-side: two epic tracks recorded especially for Fruits de Mer, one a reworking of Dylan's... more

  • vnv nation Noire (double LP, £29.95)

    VNV Nation are the band who coined the term future-pop and whose vocal style has influenced countless other groups in the genre.  "Noire", t... more

  • lily & maria Lily & Maria (digipak CD, £9.50)

    label: Sunbeam

    New York teenagers Lily Fiszman and Maria Neumann met in 1965 and developed a highly original and distinctive musical style over the following two ye... more

  • los jets Leccion de Twist (LP + CD, £18.50)

    label: munster

    Formed in 1961, Los Jets are one of the essential bands in the emergence of rock & roll music in Argentina. They were the first group (and possibly th... more

  • jammz Warrior 2 Instrumentals (12", £9.50)

    London based Grime MC and Producer Jammz continues to build upon his I Am Grime Imprint, and once again caters to his instrumental fan base, with the ... more

  • sorcerer Neon Leon (double LP, £24.50)

    A continuation of his kaleidoscopic sun-dappled cosmic-disco, 'Neon Leon' was the much-loved CD-only second album by Sorcerer. Here's the first ever v... more


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  • oh pep! I Wasn't Only Thinking About You... (LP, £28.75)

  • thalia zedek band Fighting Season (CD, £12.75)

  • nathan bowles Plainly Mistaken (LP, £18.95)

  • blown out Supernormal 2015 - Live Transmissions III (180g vinyl LP, £6.50)

  • misspent youth The Punk Years 1976-1980 (CD, £14.50)

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