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  • charles mingus Presents Charles Mingus (CD, £8.75)

    Charles Mingus had a fascinating way of offering music that was grounded in tradition while remaining startlingly original. The freshness of a piece l... more

  • damily Very Aomby (LP, £18.50)

    An interesting release by a band from Madagaskar. Featuring giddy guitar playing, galloping rhythms and joyous atmospheres, Damily's modern-traditiona... more

  • rat scabies P.H.D. (Prison, Hospital, Debt) (CD, £18.95)

    label: cleopatra

    The first ever solo-album by the legendary drummer and founding member of punk icons The Damned contains 11 original songs and a Louis Prima cover. ... more

  • trepaneringsritualen Kainskult (red vinyl LP, £25.75)

    'Kainskult' keeps all the basic building blocks of 'Perfection & Permanence': the tribal drumming, the atavistic propulsion, the clattering metal perc... more

  • overkill Volume 1: Horrorscope (Live In Overhausen) (140g vinyl double LP, £21.75)

    label: Nuclear Blast

    Armed with pioneering pure metal proposals like “Death Rider”, “The Beast Within” and “Raise The Dead” already in 1982, New Jersey’s Overkill were a r... more

  • stephen malkmus and the jicks Sparkle Hard (CD, £10.50)

    label: domino

    ‘Sparkle Hard’ is light ’n’ breezy, head-down heavy, audacious, melancholic and reflective, good-time and bodacious and it pulls off the smartest ... more

  • malphino Visit Malphino (CD, £8.50)

    label: Lex

    Malphino is a mysterious band from an imaginative tropical island of the same name that plays cumbia and a heady mix of exotic sounds. Their music ser... more

  • juxta position Elixir (4-track 12", £10.95)

    A man of many alias, the multi-faceted talent behind Juxta Position finally finds his way to Figure, leaving us an EP‘s worth of highly infectious, ac... more

  • la féline Royaume EP (4-track 12", £7.95)

    Recorded during two Redbull Sessions in Paris, this EP is all about the joy of musical collaboration. Agnès Gayraud invited two musicians she admires:... more

  • black book lodge Steeple and Spire (LP, £21.50)

    "Steeple And Spire" is the third album from Black Book Lodge.  "If Mastodon and Muse had a baby in Denmark and never taught it how to run, th... more


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  • delvon lamarr organ trio Close But No Cigar (LP, £23.95)

  • goat girl Goat Girl (CD, £9.95)

  • sleep The Sciences (double LP, £22.50)

  • the glory boy mod radio showcase vol. 3  (CD, £9.95)

  • fall New Facts Emerge (10" double LP, £18.75)

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