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  • prague You Hear the Song and It Is Long Ago (CD, £13.50)

    Prague is the project of songwriter Alessandro Viccaro. 'You Hear The Song And It Is Long Ago' is a melancholic and an introspective sadcore album. Ca... more

  • analena Inconstantinopolis (LP, £17.50)

    Analena was born in the fall of 1997 and decided to exist as a band worthy of its name. Analena follows its own instinct by merging charming melodies ... more

  • ivor cutler & linda hirst Privilege (CD, £10.95)

    Ivor Cutler is loved by generations of fans - including Paul McCartney, Billy Connolly and Alex Kapranos - for his unique music and poetic humour. A p... more

  • king buffalo Longing to Be the Mountain (CD , £12.75)

    label: stickman

    Rochester, New York may seem an unlikely place for the rise of heavy hitters in the psychedelic rock spectrum, yet the sleepy, snowy northern US city ... more

  • gravitar You Must First Learn to Draw the Real (CD, £13.50)

    Originally a quartet, this group has become a freeform death-noise-jazz outfit. After three official releases on San Francisco's Charnel House and a t... more

  • joel paterson Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar (LP, £17.50)

    label: bloodshot

    14-song instrumental Christmas CD by Chicago guitarist Joel Paterson, featuring classic holiday songs played in a variety of genres including jazz, w... more

  • smith & mighty Ashley Road Sessions 88-94 (double LP, £18.95)

    “Inventing Massive Attack, Soul II Soul, Tricky, Portishead, Bjork, Mo’Wax, trip hop, The Bristol Sound, Roni Size and just about every British dance ... more

  • lauer Power (LP, £18.95)

    Lauer always rhymes with “Power”. Proven by countless remixes, productions and projects like Arto Mwambe, Black Spuma, Talamanca System or Tuff City K... more

  • to catch a ghost: field recordings from madagascar  (LP, £22.25)

    label: Sublime Frequencies

    This is Sublime Frequencies' second volume of transcendent musical field recordings from central and southern Madagascar, produced by Charles Brooks. ... more

  • peter broderick Two Balloons (10", £10.95)

    label: Erased Tapes

    American-born multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer Peter Broderick releases a new extended player. 'Two Balloons' features the score for the awa... more


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  • brett newski Lift Upside Down (CD, £14.25)

  • stella sommer 13 Kinds of Happiness (LP, £20.75)

  • action painting! Trial Cuts (CD, £11.50)

  • television Marquee Moon (Deluxe Audio) (blue vinyl double LP, £21.50)

  • laura gibson Goners (CD, £8.95)

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