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  • specials The Singles (digipak CD, £7.95)

    The Singles is a compilation album, originally released in January 1991, bringing together key tracks from across the careers of both The Specials and... more

  • wobbler From Silence to Somewhere (marbled vinyl LP, £19.95)

    Great prog sounds from Norway! On their fourth album Wobbler cooks an enigmatic, multi flavoured and adventurous brew in the olde black cauldron. Poig... more

  • merrell fankhauser Tiki Lounge Live (CD, £17.95)

    label: cleopatra

    The legendary psychedelic surf guitarist returns with a new live set inspired by his long running TV & radio show, Tiki Lounge. Features a guest app... more

  • his masters voice The Devils Blues (CD, £11.95)

    His Masters Voice call their style of music also "The Devils Blues". Listen to any of their songs and you will hear influences from the greats of clas... more

  • aalko No Man Is An Island (MC, £10.95)

    Each cassette comes with an individually hand-printed silk screen cardboard case and DL code, craftily designed by Damien Tran. Renowned for her trac... more

  • steel hook prostheses Calm Morbidity (CD, £15.75)

    Once again, we find this duo channeling all things grim and grotesque, and while they don't stray too far from the charnel house atmospherics you've c... more

  • hi5ghost No Sleep / Peder Mannerfelt Remix (12", £10.75)

    Hi5Ghost meets Peder Mannerfelt HOTLINE014 is here. The long overdue appearance from Hi5Ghost on Hotline, coming forward with pure dubplate pressure... more

  • sula bassana The Ape Regards His Tail - Original Soundtrack (clear vinyl double LP, £26.95)

    Sula Bassana's first soundtrack album features 60 minutes of totally spaced out and minimalistic music for the sci-fi feature-film 'The Ape Regards Hi... more

  • remains Live 1969 (CD, £15.75)

    label: sundazed

    Long-lost, now found document of these legendary garage gods! Recorded at the legendary Boston Tea Party in 1969, The Remains rip through an absolute ... more

  • deaf school Let's Do This Again Next Week... (LP, £17.50)

    Who are Deaf School? Its strange that we still need to ask. Deaf School are an unclassifiable collective, a band apart who are a genre unto themselve... more


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  • julie byrne Not Even Happiness (180g vinyl LP, £15.95)

  • ryley walker Golden Sings That Have Been Sung (double CD, £10.50)

  • real estate In Mind (coloured vinyl LP, £18.50)

  • gold panda Good Luck and Do Your Best (CD, £6.50)

  • mega bog Happy Together (LP, £22.50)

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