• steveless Mistakes In All the Right Places (CD, £3.95)

    label: Cherryade

    ‘Mistakes In All The Right Places’ is a glorious splash of noisy pop, the follow-up to 2005’s ‘Popular Music In Theory’, which saw the band garnering huge critical acclaim and international airplay and which was hailed as a truly essential noisy pop masterpiece. These tracks are brimming with effervescent pop hooks, frenetic guitar work, synth bleeps and are all topped off with Dan Newman’s distinctive, expressive vocals. Comfortingly horrific, Steveless have created an opus that defies logic and fashion, ably straddling the divide between terror and hilarity quite perfectly. At only 20 odd minutes long, one might accuse Mistakes In All The Right Places of being lightweight, but a quick listen will sort that out. You can almost hear the cogs of irrationality turning anti-clockwise in the brains of these cack-handed fuzz-pop maestros. For fans of Mclusky, The Fall, Sonic Youth and math core derived pop

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