• adicts Smart Alex (CD, £8.50)

    label: captain oi

    Originally released in 1985 this was The Adicts' third studio album and it reached No.7 in the Independent Chart.  Includes the Indie Chart hit single ‘Bad Boy’ plus the ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Falling In Love Again’ 45’s.  Now comes with eight bonus tracks.  Booklet includes lyrics and sleeve notes plus pictures of all relevant singles.  TRACK LISTING 1. ODE TO JOY 2. SMART ALEX 3. TROUBADOUR 4. TOKYO 5. CALIFORNIA 6. CRAZY 7. BAD BOY 8. JELLYBABY 9. MAYBE OR MAYBE NOT 10.ROCKIN’ WRECKER 11.RUNAWAY 12.YOU’RE ALL FOOLS / BONUS TRACKS 13.TOKYO (SINGLE VERSION) 14.A.D.X.MEDLEY 15.THE ODD COUPLE 16.FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN 17.COME ALONG 18.IT’S A LAUGH 19.SATURDAY NIGHT 20.FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN (12” MIX)

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