• atari teenage riot ATR 1992 - 2000 (double LP, £9.95)

    label: digital hardc*re recordings

    The definitive collection from one of the most influential bands in underground music in the '90s. Deluxe packaging features band history, exclusive photos. 18 tracks of killer genre creating / challenging music! In the late '90s ATR was seen as part of the electronica genre, but in reality the band had nothing in common with it. It was too avant-garde, too radical in its views and statements, simply too loud and noisy to fit in. The original conception was Alec Empire's. It was a unique lineup, almost superhero like, and when Hanin Elias, Nic Endo, Carl Crack and Alec hit the stage in some cities in the south of the US, the mixed race, mixed sex image of the band provoked people before they even heard the music. A female vocalist like Hanin who screams about police violence and revolution, and Nic Endo who was in control of all electronic gear on stage and sent earthquakes of sound waves were simply against all rules of rock and techno music. They opened many doors for female artists to follow. The band finally dissolved in the wake of MC Carl Crack's death just days before 9/11. This release stands as a testament to the years 1992-2000, where anything seemed possible!

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