• jello biafra and the melvins Never Breathe What You Can't See (LP, £18.25)

    label: alternative tentacles

    This time, the root of Biafra's frustration - aside from the threat of global terrorism, the Bush administration's response to the threat of global terrorism, and, uh, yuppies in Cadillacs - is personal: The Melvins approached him about a possible collaboration after witnessing the supposed Dead Kennedys "reunion," which - after a series of inter-band legal disputes - occurred without Biafra at the helm. The Melvins are ideal musical foils to Biafra's maniacal persona, and show an admirable willingness to subdue and camouflage their normally obtrusive sound. The band members' great admiration and respect for Biafra's work are evident in the album's malleable arrangements, which strike a perfect balance between the Melvins' grimy post-alternative metal and classic Kennedys-style California punk. 1."Plethysmograph" 2."McGruff the Crime Dog" 3."Yuppie Cadillac" 4."Islamic Bomb" 5."The Lighter Side of Global Terrorism" 6."Caped Crusader" 7."Enchanted Thoughtfist" 8."Dawn of the Locusts"

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