• slapstick Slapstick (double LP, £22.50)

    label: asian man

    Coloured vinyl - one black record, one white! This rowdy ska-punk outfit managed to not only inspire a legion of kids to start their own bands in the mid-'90s, but their popularity and influence on the third wave ska revival was felt long after the band's mere three-year existence was over. Slapstick formed in 1993 and the raucous group quickly saw itself sitting at the top of the underground Chicago punk scene. Comprised of Brendan Kelly (vocals), Dan Andriano (bass/vocals), Peter Anna (trombone), Matt Stamps (guitar), Dan Hanaway (trumpet/vocals) and Rob Kellenberger (drums/vocals), the guys appeared on various compilations and released one full-length album during their short run. Recorded in the fall of 1995, Lookit! was released early the next year on Skankin' Pickle's own Dill Records. When Mike Park quit Skankin' Pickle, he formed his own label (Asian Man Records) and Slapstick was one of four bands he took with him. However, almost as quickly as they began, the band suddenly broke up in 1996. Slapstick reunited once on November 23, 1997 for a packed one-off benefit show at Chicago's Fireside Bowl. The band wound up playing another show right after the first as well, due to the night's overwhelming turnout. Asian Man issued an eponymous compilation record in 1997 that contained all of the band's recorded songs, which included eight unreleased tracks. Following Slapstick's demise, its members went on to join and/or create a plethora of acts, including: the Lawrence Arms, Tuesday, the Broadways, Alkaline Trio, the Honor System, Colossal, Duvall, Less Than Jake, Smoking Popes and The Falcon. TRACKLIST 1. There's a Metal Head in the Parking Lot 2. The Park 3. Eighteen 4. What I Learned 5. February One 6. Sick Of This Place 7. Good Times Gone 8. Almost Punk Enough 9. Cheat To Win 10. Crooked 11. Colorado 12. 74 Fullerton 13. She Doesn't Love Me 14. My Way 15. The Geek 16. Not Tonight 17. Ed 18. The Punks 19. Nate B. 20. Broken Down 21. Johnny 22. Wake Up Stanley 23. My Only Friend 24. Earth Angel 25. Alternative Radio

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