• sean smith Sacred Crag Dancer, Corpse Whisperer (LP, £10.95)

    label: Gnome Life

    In the corner of a small room a shadow is stretching out from the window by the fire escape, relaxing in a worn out armchair picked up from the street corner. That shadow sings with a guitar’s voice and hums tunes boldly - little secrets, esoteric and humble. Shadow and guitar belong to Sean Smith, who controls them both with his mind from the other side of the room. The night is black but the light is held in little bubbles of brightness, exploding off all things that live and breathe (look at the cover). These tunes are living and breathing their first breaths right now! Ten completely spontaneous recordings, improvised music for the solo guitar. Fresh paint painted with metal strings, a wood body, and fingernails. Totally. The extremely mind expanding cover is ready for your feasting eyes… Hallucinogenic photos by Sean Smith’s mother (Julie Brown Smith), high definition silk-screened in two colours by a local independent press, then wrapped around and pasted on jackets (just like they did before 1965). Hand-made, limited to 500. 1. Extrance 2. Sacred Crag Dancer, Corpse Whisperer 3. Some Men Are Born Posthumously 4. Late Lunch 5. Another Beautiful Day, Again 6. Prasanna 7. Kill That Owl 8. Jeweled Escapement 9. Nachtmystium 10. The Real

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