• subhumans The Day the Country Died (180g vinyl LP, £15.95)

    label: Bluurg

    A deluxe reissue with remastered sound, including a gatefold cover, a booklet and a poster. Classic UK anarcho punk, originally issued in early 1983. Recorded when the Cold War was in full swing, lyrically, the album is awash with Orwellian references, dystopian imagery and sociopolitical commentary. Track listing: 1. All Gone Dead 2. Ashtray Dirt 3. Killing 4. Minority 5. Mickey Mouse Is Dead 6 Nothing I Can Do 7. Dying World 8. Subvert City 9. Big Brother 10. New Age 11. I Dont Wanna Die 12. No 13. Zyklon-B-Movie 14. íTil The Pigs Come Round 15. No More Gigs 16. Black And White

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