• exclusive blend vol. 1  (CD, £9.75)

    label: Blow Up

    The Exclusive Blend music library series sees Paul Tunkin, DJ & founder of legendary Blow Up club, taking us on a journey deep into the vaults of the KPM Music Library. The album features the cream of the Library writers including Keith Mansfield, Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Parker and Johnny Pearson, From the pounding up-tempo of 'Move, Move, Move' through the Hammond-heavy 'Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue' and 'Rocky Mountain Runabout' (versions of both featuring on the legendary Mohawks' 'The Champ' album) to the sitar 60s club sound of 'Delhi Discotheque' and 'Come Here Calcutta'. Most of these tracks had never been commercially available before this release. “When Paul Tunkin, promoter of long-running club Blow Up, was granted access to the KPM catalogue, he found himself inside a musical goldmine. Play them and pretend you're in a film like... well, a film like 'Blow Up'” - Simon Price The Independent On Sunday. "During the UK 'loungecore' scene of the Nineties, DJ Paul Tunkin noted how well such Hammond-heavy instrumentals worked at his Blow Up club in London. Instant, impeccably dressed cool" - Dickon Edwards, Plan B. "The sound of Tony Hatch, Burt Bacharach, Peter Wyngarde, Patrick McGoohan, Mike Flowers and The James Taylor Quartet licking each other to orgasm inside a lava lamp – 7/10" NME. "Sure to get even the most tired of tassled loafers shuffling onto the dancefloor.” - Big Issue. Composer Keith Mansfield says: "Those of us who were part of the recording scene in the sixties can now look back and reflect on how lucky we were to be around at the time that English 'Pop & Rock' music would become such a success. I hope that when you listen to Exclusive Blend, you will be taken back in time and can enjoy all the positive energy that was such a part of that era." Track listing : 1. Move, Move, Move Alan Parker, Alan Hawkshaw 2. Delhi Discotheque Johnny Pearson 3. Snowman’s Stomp Steve Gray 4. Rocky Mountain Runabout Alan Hawkshaw 5. French Kick David Lindup 6. Beat Me ‘Til I’m Blue Alan Hawkshaw 7. Exclusive Blend Keith Mansfield 8. Tap Footer Alan Hawkshaw 9. The Zodiac David Lindup 10. Coast To Coast Ray Cameron, Alan Parker, Alan Hawkshaw 11. Boogaloo Smith James Clarke 12. Step Forward Keith Mansfield 13. Mexican D.J. Keith Mansfield 14. Powerhouse Pop Keith Mansfield 15. Come Here Calcutta Johnny Pearson 16. Take To The Sky Alan Parker, Alan Hawkshaw

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