• butcher boy Profit In Your Poetry (CD, £4.70)

    label: How Does It Feel to Be Loved

    With a brand new album out now on Damaged Goods heres the first 2 re-issued at a low price. Imagine Tindersticks, Felt, Lloyd Cole, Morrissey, and songs to die for. So far, Butcher Boy have played a handful of live shows, all in Glasgow. In 2006, they were the highlight of the “Kids At The Club” compilation, praised by Pitchfork for their “elegant string arrangements” and “a bath-draining guitar outro straight from Blur's Modern Life is Rubbish moper ‘Resigned’.” Now, in 2007, Butcher Boy are finally ready to release their debut album, “Profit In Your Poetry. "Butcher Boy was about books by George Orwell and Charles Schulz… it was about films by Bill Douglas and Robert Bresson… it was about records by Vince Guaraldi and The Smiths. Butcher Boy was about an imaginary world of woods and darkness and absolute, precise beauty. About power-cuts and candles. But Butcher Boy wasn’t really about songs. It was a little bit of sparkle between sickness and the dole."

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