• wild tigers i have known soundtrack  (CD, £5.10)

    label: Durtro Jnana

    Durtro Jnana are honoured and excited to announce the release of the soundtrack to the highly acclaimed 2007 film ‘Wild Tigers I Have Known’, featuring tracks by Current 93, Dave Tibet, Six Organs Of Admittance etc. Andria Degens and Cam Archer have produced the album. The CD features songs and music selected by Cam, along with original sketches and photo stills from the film. Tracklisting: 01. Intro - David Tibet. 02. Summoning - Nate Archer/ Dan Kocher / Stephanie Volkmar. 03. Without A Care - Anders & Woods. 04. Ocean + Bells - Nate Archer. 05. Locker Dream - Nate Archer. 06. The Night Knows Nothing At All - Six Organs Of Admittance.* 07. Mighty - Djuna Bel. 08. High Stars - Pantaleimon. 09. To Live With The Lions - Nate Archer. 10. Rodeo’s Room - Nate Archer. 11. A Soft Voice Whispers Nothing - Current 93. * 12. Idumea - Pantaleimon.* 13. Wild Tigers I Have Known - Emily Jane White.

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