• skimmer Smitten (the Complete Recordings 1993-1999) (double CD, £11.25)

    label: crackle

    Skimmer formed from the ashes of The Sect. Their energetic bubblegum pop punk blasts rarely clock in longer than two and a half minutes and have a great rawness to them, whilst killer vocal harmonies fight it out with guitars turned up to eleven. This 53 track double CD compilation collects everything they recorded over the first six year period up to the release of the album “Still”. It contains all the songs from the five 7” EPs, one split 7” EP and the Vexed LP on Crackle as well as tracks from obscure Japanese and English compilation CDs, a Junk Records 7” and two Snuffy Smile Split 7” EPs. The songs are returned to original session order for the first time on CD, and early demo tracks are also included. The cover contains a history of the band, pictures, flyers and a fully illustrated discography.

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