• crocodile god Two Weeks: the Complete Recordings 1994-1999 (CD, £7.50)

    label: crackle

    Crocodile God are a Liverpool based Buzzcocks meets Green Day-on-speed band, dealing in three chord hook-laden punk rock songs about everyday life and this 45-track CD compilation collects everything they recorded from 1994 -1999. 43 of the tracks appear for the first time on CD. It contains all the songs from the rare debut Two Days EP (only 200 copies each pressed on 7" and 12") and Old John Mac LP on their own label Big Fella Records, the Boss 7 EP, Mind The Cat 7 EP, Ladders 7 EP and Stella LP on Crackle, together with a long-lost compilation appearance. The cover contains a history of the band, pictures, flyers and a fully illustrated discography.

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