• chris joss Superman (12", £6.95)

    label: ESL Music

    Taking the iconic theme song from the original ‘Superman’ film series scored by John Williams, Chris Joss completely foregoes mere sampling and re-records every track element transforming it into a high flying retro-funk jam. Alongside the classic theme song is ‘Superjam’, a totally unique spin-off that drops the classic horn section in favour of funky Rhodes key riffing, wah wah guitars, near eastern tabla, and an infectious Lalo Schifrin inspired drum groove. If that weren’t enough for a single more powerful than a locomotive, check the flipside for a rave-piano accentuated remix of ‘A Part In That Show’ by The Basement Freaks, and a sultry Latin lounge version of ‘Drink Me Hot’ by Plastilina Mosh.

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