• eternity's children Sunshine and Flowers (CD, £16.50)

    label: Beatball

    Ultimate collection of unreleaed and alternate versions of material from 1966-70 of soft rock band Eternity's Children. Eternity's Children is the first project of Curt Boettcher and Keith Olsen. Their two albums from Tower Records are great soft rock jewels. This compilation including various tracks that had been left off those album or unreleased tracks. This special edition manufactured with redesigned full-color digipak, contains biography and some photographs of them. 24 bit digitally remastered from original mastertapes. Track Listing 01. Time And Place 02. Can't Put A Thing Over Me 03. Cigarette 04. A Taste Of Honey 05. Hard, Hard Year 06. Wait And See 07. Rumours 08. Girl's Song 09. Living Is Easy 10. Somebody's Watching You 11. Didn't We 12. Down The Aisle 13. Just One Smile 14. Laughing Girl 15. A Railroad Trestle In California 16. Woman's Blues 17. When The World Turns.

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