• 7vwwvw 7VWWVW (180g vinyl LP + insert, £6.00)

    label: Crystal Wish Records

    7VWWVW is pronounced Mammal (it's upside down...) 7VWWVW are a lovable four-piece synthesiser combo from Edinburgh who use a bewildering assortment of analogue instruments to concoct their own brand of electronica. The band have been labelled everything from 'a glitch hop duo' to 'perennially weird' and comparisons have been made with Ratatat, Steve Reich and ELO. 7VWWVW recorded this album with producer Bryan Mills, (who has previously worked with Nigel Godrich and Kevin Shields), inspired by labelmates the Magnificents, Philadelphia's Plastic Little (whose forthcoming EP might just feature some music by the band), The F*cking Champs from San Francisco and Colin Newman from Wire who listed 7VWWVW's tune 'Old Man Of The Woods' in his Top 20 Tunes of 2007. 'A quietly deranged form of genius - 5/5.' The List

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