• canadians A Sky With No Stars (CD, £11.25)

    label: Ghost Records

    A band comprised of Duccio Simbeni (vocals, guitar), Massimo Fiorio (bass), Michele Nicoli (guitar), Vittorio Pozzato (keyboards, guitar) and Christian Corso (drums). The band was born in Verona, Italy in 2005. Some of the band’s members were all involved in other bands before joining Canadians. Bassist Massimo Fiorio played bass for the band Slumber, which released its debut album "Never Been A Girl" on the label Hoboken (run by Massimo Fiorio himself) in 2003. Singer Duccio Simbeni played guitar and sang for a band called Microluna, keyboardist Vittorio Pozzato plays guitar for Fake P., Michele Nicoli played drums for the band Corsico. Bassist Massimo Fiorio is a blogstar in Italy, his blog has thousands and thousands of contacts each day and he’s also the author (with Riccardo Bidoia) of the bestselling book “I Fermenti lattici dello yogurt di Chuck Norris sono tutti morti”, which sums all the satirical facts and jokes about martial artist and actor Chuck Norris. Canadians released their self-produced debut EP “The North Side Of Summer EP” in 2005 and gained immediately a huge critical acclaim. Blogs and webzines were the first to realize how catchy and interesting Canadians’ tunes are and soon after magazines followed with amazing reviews. Although the EP was self-released and never got an official distribution in the shops the band sold all the copies and had to reprint it. Canadians submitted to the Heineken Jammin’ Contest in 2006 and won the contest and got featured as Breaking Band in NME, they were the first Italian band ever to get a review in NME’s Breaking Band column. Canadians were featured in the U.S. TV show Project My World and raised interest among the thousands of American indie fans. Canadians played at the International Pop Overthrow Festival at Cavern Club in Liverpool in May 2007. Their debut album “A Sky With No Stars” will be released by the Varese-based indie label Ghost Records in September 2007. The album showcases the great ability of the band, which plays catchy melodies, indie pop anthems and unforgettable and timeless melodies.

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