• spy versus spy Spy Versus Spy (double CD, £11.50)

    label: Gravity Dip

    One of the most influential UK bands of the last ten years. Before underground music was easily accessible via a mouse-click, SPY VERSUS SPY were ground-breaking homegrown exponents of the off-kilter, highly technical post-hardc*re coming out of the US which went on to become what's now labelled 'emo'. In their short lifespan, SVS toured with the likes of The Get Up Kids, Braid and At The Drive-In. They released a self-titled EP (5KKKKK in Kerrang!) and the album 'Little Lights' plus a few tracks on compilations. All of these have been unavailable since 2002.. To tie in with their 2007 reunion and tour, this release compiles the entire SPY VERSUS SPY discography on double CD in deluxe packaging. All tracks have been remastered and the tracks previously only available on long-deleted compilations join the album along with previously unreleased Led Zeppelin cover 'Bring It On Home to Me'.

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