• out of the woods and trees  (CD, £4.95)

    label: dance to the radio

    The fourth and most ambitious compilation from Leeds’ Dance To The Radio label follows the success of The Pigeon Detectives. As well as nurturing the ambitions of its key bands like ¡Forward, Russia! and The Pigeon Detectives, the label is now bringing in a new crop of talent with Sky Larkin set to release their second single, Grammatics set to launch their assault with their debut single ‘Shadow Committee’ and Doncaster’s The Wallbirds releasing their debut whilst on tour with The Pigeon Detectives. Kotki Dwa ‘Pad’ The Taste ‘Till There Was You’ The Wallbirds ‘Desperate’ You Slut! ‘MyBloodyJesusExplorerOnFire’ Snowden ‘Black Eyes’ (Le Castle Vania Remix) Bobby Cook ‘Homesick’ Grammatics ‘The Manageress’ Howling Bells ‘This City's Burning’ Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames ‘Futures Rewired’ I Concur ‘Decimal Places’ Prego ‘The Longest Calm’ The Pigeon Detectives ‘Left Alone’ (Exclusive New Mix) Mother Vulpine ‘The Hammer That Cracked The Bell’ Fran Rodgers ‘She Dwelt Among Th’untrodden Ways’ Forward Russia ‘Don't Be A Doctor’ The Displacements ‘AKA The Train’ Sky Larkin ‘Keepsakes’ (Napoleon IIIrd Remix) The Chapman Family ‘You Think You're Funny’ Vessels ‘Happy Accident’ Held By Hands ‘Trading On Past Treasures’

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