• scientific support dept. Cabbageneck (CD, £8.75)

    label: Creeping Bent Organisation

    Though Cabbageneck is their debut album, their music has been slipping into the Scottish sub-conscience over the last few years, with a series of compilation appearances, gigs, theatre and film scores and remixes. SSD have appeared on Creeping Bent compilation albums Bentism, Electronic Lullabies and Bent Boutique and on instalments 6 and 12 of the Creeping Bent singles club. Though primarily a studio project, their live shows are selective and expansive, featuring various collaborators on violin, moog, trumpet and decks. SSD have remixed artists as diverse as Alan Vega, DJ Harri, Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Adventures in Stereo and Daddy's Favourite but Cabbageneck marks the beginning of a period of focus on their own music.

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