• electric calm 4  (CD, £9.25)

    label: Global Underground

    Famous for taking the art of the chilled CD to a new high, ‘Electric Calm’ is widely regarded as the greatest chillout series in the world. The music on each is carefully selected and mixed to create a completely unique musical experience for the listener. Each track on the mix is exclusive. FM223 ‘Cheater’ Thomas Sagstad ‘Never Forget Where You Came From’ (Ambient Edit) Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson ‘Leftorium’ (Ambient Remix) Eelke Kleijn ‘Spaced Out’ Francesco Pico ‘Its Late And Only 100k’ (Early Chill Mix) Dark Globe Feat Boy George ‘Atoms’ (Deadly Avenger Dub) Pako And Frederik ‘Nitro Fly’ Alec Araujo And Fernando Goraieb ‘Baghdad’ (Chill Out Version) Kevin Swain ‘Krunk’ (Parallel Universe Mix) The Last Atlant ‘Seaglider’ (Ambient Edit) Roland Klinkenberg ‘Filament Glow’ Pako And Frederik ‘Lonely Spark’ Roland Klinkenberg ‘Dusty Horizon’ ‘Interlude’ (Electric Calm Mix) Trafik ‘Eolica Frolica’ Stefan Alexis ‘Deep In The Dimension Of XYZ’

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