• future pilot a k a & damo suzuki / st deluxe Festival of Lights / Crystals (white vinyl 7", £2.75)

    label: Aufgeladen und Bereit

    Shaped in clean white vinyl this release is for the lovers of drones, loops and fuzz drenched tunes. ST DELUXE are a band that don’t seem to fit with the current “popular” musical movement or what people with no imagination describe as mainstream, nor do they fit the latest semi-retro fad surrounding what’s become an increasingly stale British music scene with too many Major and Indie labels scared to let artists express themselves and instead rely on playing it safe, churning out the same old same old. What becomes apparent when surfing the psychedelic smacked out experimental noise rock of St Deluxe is they never really feel the need to fit in, and this is what sucks you in and makes them some what more intriguing. Festival Of Lights documents a genuine piece of “instant composing” featuring a live jam across the telephone exchange: Sushil K Dade performs on acoustic guitar in Glasgow whilst Damo Suzuki (Can) listens to the chords ”down the line” from Cologne HQ and responds with his hauntingly poignant, crackly telephone vocals.

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