• gay for johnny depp The Politics of Cruelty (CD, £4.15)

    label: captains of industry

    Gay For Johnny Depp were a confrontational and controversial hardcore band from New York. They released two EPs, ‘Erotically Charged Dance Songs For The Desperate’ (Firefly, 2005) and ‘Blood: The Natural Lubricant (An Apocalyptic Adventure Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah)’ (Captains Of Industry, 2006). They received positive press in NME, Kerrang!, Vice, Rock Sound, Plan B, Metal Hammer, Terrorizer etc and numerous plays on Radio 1, including - thanks to Huw Stevens – the airing of arguably the most-expletive-addled song ever played on Radio 1, ‘No Teeth? Thumbs Up!’ (54 ‘fucks’ and counting…). Gay For Johnny Depp further courted controversy when their debut UK show saw the hospitalization of a barely-clad frontman Marty Leopard at the hands of a ‘fan’ who took umbrage at a set of songs based wholly on the grace and beauty of Johnny Depp. The misleading story of a homophobic attack at a punk rock show was nevertheless beamed around the world via various magazines, websites and tabloid newspapers. Quotes “Bloody and brutal brilliance” – NME. “One of the best punk outbursts of the year” - KKKK, Kerrang! “They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger but this comes close” – Terrorizer. “A remarkable, breathtakingly fresh release…it will give you the kind of art-rock sucker- kiss that’ll leave you gasping for more.” – Drowned In Sound. “Gay For Johnny Depp exploded all over our faces, bringing out the mightiest mini-album of the year” – Playlouder. “A brilliant mess” – Metal Hammer

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