• bingo sessions vol. 4 Mixed by D KAY (CD, £10.25)

    label: bingo beats

    BINGO SESSIONS VOLUME 4 is the new and definitive compilation for Bingo Beats enthusiasts. Brought to us from the label that incorporates the whole spectrum of D+B, from new artists to established name brands. Each instalment reflects the sounds championed by Bingo with each DJ showing us their perspective on the Bingo catalogue. Fittingly it’s D Kay, also an all-rounder when it comes to style + selection, who is up to bat on Volume 4. It’s hard to sum up D Kay in a few sentences, but one thing is for sure; you get one of the most diverse players in the scene. A prolific producer, with mainstream recognition, having had a top 15 National Chart hit with ‘Barcelona’. A DJ and broadcaster with a radio show on FM4, Austria’s national urban radio station. A promoter, his weekly D+B night in legendary Vienna nightclub Flex is a melting pot for the Austrian scene. His hard work has earned respect amongst his peers and although his success story in Austria is little known in the UK it deserves celebration. Seamlessly mixed you’ll find music from Drumsound + Simon Bassline Smith, D Kay, Redeyes and of course label boss Zinc. 21 tracks, some of which are exclusive to this CD and unreleased. A sound snap shot of Drum + bass in 2007. Trackist: 1) DKAY FT. EKSMAN - ENERGY, 2) SAM SNEE - SPIDERMAN, 3) MOTIVE - SCREWTOP, 4) DRUMSOUND + SIMON BASSLINE SMITH - GO, 5) NU BALANCE - BOUNCE 6) SIGMA - EL PRESIDENTE, 7) ZINC - HEAR NO EVIL - MARKY + BUNGLE RMX, 8) DRUMSOUND + SIMON BASSLINE SMITH - GOOD TIMES ROLL, 9) AUDIO UNIT - PALAIS ROYALE, 10) SILVER - DO OR DIE, 11) DKAY - YOUR SOUL, 12) SAM SNEE - EVERYBODY, 13) DKAY - GALAXY, 14) MAJISTRATE - AFRAID, 15) MAJISTRATE + NICHOL - PSYCHOSIS, 16) MARTINO FT SACHA - PIECE OF HEAVEN - ZINC RMX, 17) DOPE SKILLZ - HI TIMES, 18) DOPE SKILLZ - SUDDENLY, 19) REDEYES - WHEN WILL IT EVER END, 20) RANDOM MOVEMENT + FOCUS - SCARLET TROUBLE, 21) SIGMA - ALL BLUE

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