• saturday looks good to me Fill Up the Room (CD, £4.70)

    label: How Does It Feel to Be Loved

    “Saxophones, doo-wop harmonies, bells, tambourines, timpani and soaring, dreamy orchestration. Like channelling the ghost of Brian Wilson or Phil Spector's famed Wall Of Sound as heard floating up from the bottom of the sea.” (Pitchfork). Saturday Looks Good To Me, the experimental indie pop collective from Ann Arbor, Michigan, present their fourth album. Released in the UK with two exclusive bonus tracks and sleevenotes exclusive to this release, the album represents a bold leap forward for the group. The songs, though still pure pop at the core, incorporate stretched-out jams, samples, drum circle breakdowns, huge and sporadic many-voiced braying choruses and elements of tape collage and musique concrète. The record also steps away from the band’s older material in terms of subject matter, leaving behind heartbroken laments to investigate themes of the afterlife, women inventors and scientists and the physical breakdown of the human body in relation to artistic freedom. It’s at once impressionistic and immediate, exhilarating and unsettling, the sound of a group at its creative peak.

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