• judy experience Judy Is Rising (mini-CD, £5.95)

    label: Cochon Records

    First solo album, written, performed and recorded by James Brooks Caperton, ex-Veronica Lipgloss and -Evil Eyes. From the psychedelic ruins of '30s back-alley dustbowl burn and pulsing '60s sex beats climbs, The Judy Experience is a ritualistic musical trip into Jim Morrisonesque acid dreamscapes and queer voodoo trances, conjuring languid love songs and pulsing fevers out of guitar, sax and any other makeshift instrument, luring in saucy SF cohorts to stitch the seams in Judy's freaked-out magic. An ever expanding collaborative cosmic vision, The Judy Experience rose to life in 2004 and continues to mercilessly taunt jazz and rock and roll spectres, inspiring witchy moans and spastic dance offs in spellbound live audiences. Like all the best gurus, Caperton summons untamed guitar/sax elements into a previously static world and leaves it pulsing with uncanny prospects. The first 7 song release is a collection of works written and recorded by Caperton between 2004 and 2007. Tracks : 1) The Yadoo- 3:26 2) Janet Planet- 2:26 3) Judy Is Rising- 3:57 4) Candace Prance- 3:40 5) Cloak of the Priestess- 2:22 6) Fall River (featuring Ivy Jeanne)- 7:22 total: 22:33 minutes.

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