• data 70 Space Loops Volume Two (10-track clear vinyl 7", £5.25)

    label: enraptured

    Limited reissue. Space Loops Volume Two is the second instalment and one of the most unusual pieces of music ever circulated in the UK! Comprised of ambient sound sculptors Bob Bhamra (West Norwood Cassette Library) and Jon Chambers (Sunray), Data 70s Space Loops Volume Two follows on the success of Space Loops Volume One, released in March 2005 and featuring loops created from messages reflected - or perhaps returned - from the cosmos. In the mid-nineteenth century, the amateur German astronomer Ralph Welderich took to methodically plotting the incandescent showers of meteor storms in the night-time atmosphere. Exposing himself almost exclusively to the radiance of these cosmological fireworks for over twenty years, Welderich created thousands of scatter charts of the burning trails of space dust and the pixelated waves of meteor outbursts. Gradually, Welderich began to discern patterns in his coordinates - mathematical curves, geometric images, and harmonic repetitions. Could these filaments in the night sky be ablaze with meaning? Unexamined for over a century and a half, Welderichs notebooks came into the possession of Chambers brother-in-law, who discovered them in a mouldering crate in his late grandfathers neglected neo-gothic observatory and being of no interest to him, passed them on. The Data 70 duo excitedly set to work mapping Welderichs charts into data that could be fired into an analogue oscilloscope, and outputting the signals through a complex network of vintage synthesizers to make audible these unique meteoric nocturnes. The result is a set of introspective drone collages, weaving tiny melodies and delicate phase and drone hypnotically into the void. As mesmerizing as the meteor storms that gave them the blaze of life, and as disquietingly bursting with meaning as Welderichs patterns, Space Loops Volume Two truly is the sound of the firmament.

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