• strictly lovers rock vol. 1  (double CD, £8.95)

    label: Cousins

    At long last the highly anticipated album ĎStrictly Lovers Rockí is here, giving you the best of lovers rock from the cream of the crop. Includes Freddie McGregor, Maxi Priest, John Holt, Luciano, Kofi, Donna Marie, Thrilla U, Frankie Paul, Slim Smith, Ambelique, Tony Curtis & much more, consisting of 40 massive tracks spread across 2 CDís. ĎStrictly Lovers Rockí is guaranteed to put you in the mood, a must for all lovers rock fans. Disc 0ne 01. Rocking eternally, Kofi 02. Desperate lover, Luciano 03. Birthday, Maxi Priest 04. Good love, Peter Hunnigale 05. Finally, Don Campbell 06. Ainít no love, Cornel Campbell 07. We belong together, Keisha Patterson 08. Want to, Lady Lex 09. Walk on in, Gregory Isaac 10. Daughter of zion, Winston Reedy 11. Everybody needs love, Slim Smith 12. Itís a jam, John Holt 13. Late at night, Thrilla U 14. Must I wait, Brinsley Forde 15. Wait in vain, Freddie McGregor 16. Love makes the world go round, Freddie McGregor 17. Daily giving love, Glen Washington 18. Itís a pleasure, John Holt 19. On the inside, Donna Marie 20. Hold me darling, Tony Curtis Disc Two 01. Goodbye to love, Maxi Priest 02. Donít give up, Don Campbell 03. Easy come easy go, Kofi 04. Little king, Marie Claire 05. Iíve got the handle, Johnny Clarke 06. Sugar, John Holt 07. Dancing mood, Delroy Wilson 08. Missing you, Ambelique 09. My love, Anthony Cruz 10. Long way, George Nooks 11. Weather report, Brinsley Forde 12. Iím sure, Lukie D 13. Sleepless weekend, Frankie Paul 14. Live & learn, Delroy Wilson 15. Remember, George Nooks 16. Swing & dine, Brent Dowe 17. You came running, Frankie Paul 18. Out of love, Slim Smith 19. Chitty chat chat, Ambelique 20. To sir with love, Dawn Penn

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