• robert scott thompson Blue Day (CDR, £9.25)

    label: Aucourant Records

    Blue Day is one of the finest of Robert Scott Thompson's ambient discs. This disc presents 8 tracks of innovative and rich ambient music in the "classical" tradition. The title track clocks in at 25 minutes and provides a deeply immersive listening experience. One of the basic tenets of classical ambient music is that it can be listened to on a number of levels, from rapt attention to the casual perception of the music as background sound. At each level of listening awareness different qualities and attributes of the music are revealed. This aspect, combined with the exquisite composition of the music itself, creates a CD that is sure to attract considerable response from radio audiences and private listeners alike. “Robert Scott Thompson has proven himself a composer of the highest calibre and Blue Day ranks among his finest releases.” – David Hassell. “Takes the quest to the holistic self to its highest plateau! This is essential emotional ambience!” - Jim Brenholts.

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