• robert willey Into the Blue (CDR, £9.25)

    label: Aucourant Records

    Robert Willey describes his latest solo CD, Into the Blue, as being in the “new age jazz bossa nova folk electronic instrumental experimental” vein. Several of the songs are sweetly reflective, others use contemporary classical or jazz harmonies and two employ interactive performance software written by Willey to react to his keyboard gestures. A sombre bluesy tune and a relaxed samba round out the collection. The enhanced section of the CD (accessible from a compatible computer drive) includes over an hour’s worth of MP3’s - fifteen songs further widening the stylistic range, including two big band charts performed with the University of California San Diego Jazz Ensemble, some instrumental demos written for a Korean pop singer, a software synthesis composition combining Mark Twain and J.S. Bach and two abstract dreams encountered while living in Brazil. In addition to the audio tracks there are three musical scores, four video clips and three Reason song files.

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