• janos negyesy Solo Violin Recital (CD, £9.25)

    label: Aucourant Records

    János Négyesy has long excelled in the interpretation of contemporary music, bringing his élan to a repertoire ranging from Rihm to Reynolds, from late Cardew to Cage's peerlessly difficult Freeman Etudes. His curiosity and enthusiasm are abundantly evident in this collection, which presents the work of five women of very different generations and styles - the exotic textures of Kaija Saariaho, the post-Bergian expressionism of Bun-Ching Lam, the fervent energy of Athanasia Tzanou, the enigmatic and mobile aphorisms of Marita Bolles and the haunting (or haunted) simplicities of Alice Samter. What weaves these dissimilar works into a coherent programme is János' warmth and vigour, a robust generosity all too exceptional in new music performance: a new recording from János is a matter for celebration. He was born in Budapest and studied at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music and later at Detmold in Germany. He left Hungary in 1965 and from 1970 to 1974 was concert master of the Berlin Radio Orchestra. He lived and worked in Paris, Vienna and New York before joining the UCSD faculty in 1979. Long an advocate of new music, he has appeared at major festivals throughout the world. In addition to performing, recording and teaching he has written a definitive study of contemporary violin techniques. Recently he has been receiving acclaim for his expertise as master of the Mathews electronic violin. In addition to his interest in new music, he is an exponent of the standard violin repertoire. Some of his landmark recordings included the first European recording of the complete Violin and Piano Sonatas of Charles Ives with pianist Cornelius Cardew and a recording of works specifically dedicated to him by important contemporary composers such as Attila Bozay, Carlos Fariqas, Vinko Globokar, Hans Otte and Isang Yun.

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