• robert scott thompson Ginnungagap (CD, £9.25)

    label: Aucourant Records

    Ginnungagap is a recording which blends futuristic electronica with world music inflections and classical ambient music techniques. It is perhaps one of Robert Scott Thompsonís best works and is gaining in popularity and garnering critical response, long after its release in 1993. When recordings cross stylistic boundaries, as this does, it becomes difficult for reviewers to categorize the music. Some listeners have remarked that they have never heard a recording that sounded like this one. High praise for an iconoclastic and individualistic work that brings a new voice to contemporary instrumental electronica. Fans of Robert Scott Thompsonís other, more recent recordings that do not know Ginnungagap are missing out on a fine album. While this project is not too similar to the ambient/space music Robert Scott Thompson is best known for, Ginnungagap presents melodic and thematic music with a very unique perspective.

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