• dreamers Day for Night (CD, £9.95)

    label: Friendly Noise

    The Dreamers are an Anglo/Swedish duo featuring Sarah Nyberg Pergament and Kevin Wright. Sarah has previously recorded as Action Biker and Kevin as Always and Mr Wright (recordings from the last 20 years on labels such as Úl, Le Grand Magistery and Siesta). Meeting at a Swedish music festival in 2004 the pair began by writing the song "Petit Nuage" in late 2005. Encouraged by this an album began taking shape being recorded mostly in London with Sarah's vocals being sent from Stockholm and Helsinki. The Dreamers' influences combine many disparate elements including jazz pop and soundtrack music. Although the music is often melancholic the Dreamers hope to make (to paraphrase Michel Legrand speaking of Tom Jobim) "the sad music that makes the world a better place." Influences: Stan Tracey, Caetano Veloso, Colleen, Francoise Hardy, Kryzystof Komeda, Matching Mole, Anna Karina, Bill Evans, Monica Zetterlund, Nara Leao, Bernard Herrmann, Nico ... track list: 1. One day in the woods 2. Day for night 3. Petit nuage 4. Piccadilly night bus 5. A place I know 6. So near so far 7. Michael 8. Out of this world 9. All across the city 10. Goodnight farewell my friend

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