• testbild! Une Teinte Intense (CD, £9.95)

    label: Friendly Noise

    "Une teinte intense" is a beautiful tribute to one of Testbild!'s greatest heroes, Isabelle Eberhardt. Excerpts from authentic diary entries and stories from Eberhardt's travels are embedded in a dreamy sound environment in which bedouin drums and muezzin voices can be heard and where warm winds blow in the distance. The songs and pop melodies that also form the album flow like spring water in the irrigation canals. Smoke comes sweeping from the Moorish café and blue tones sparkle in the desert sand. Through the insufferable heat, the contours of an ivory white city, a mysterious oasis among the dunes, appears. Only to disappear… track list: 1. Je Suis Seul, Et Je Reve 2. Labyrinthine 3. Maghreb 4. La Tombée De La Nuit 5. The Moorish Café 6. Evening Star 7. Ain-Sefra 8. Une Grand Calice Pale 9. Figuig 10. The Dying Mirage 11. L'Errante 12. Le Vent Du Desert Tarit Mes Yeux Humides

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