• most valuable players You In Honey (CD, £9.95)

    label: Friendly Noise

    Most Valuable Players already have a hit song, "Stockholm Doesn't Belong to Me". It can be found on "You in Honey", the first album from these young fellows from Nacka, a record of the very type of pop music which is clearly the sound of the consistent realisation of a splendid idea. Music and people that win your sympathy by their attitude and behaviour: Most Valuable Players. The kind of beauty that lies in frailty: Most Valuable Players. Invite a dreamy explorer of everyday life. Let's press play once more and listen to "A Dream (Dreamt)" being shaped into the knowledge that "Music Breaks Where No Sun Shines". track list:1. A Dream (Dreamt) 2. AC in HCMC 3. Guess My Name 4. A Kiss on the Lips 5. Snow in May 6. Marco Polo 7. Stockholm Doesn't Belong to Me 8. Most Valuable Players vs. the Technology 9. Coffee and Chocolate 10. You're All I Can Think Of 11. Music Breaks Where No Sun Shines

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