• gusset Ask Dr. Kim (CD, £2.35)

    label: Death$ucker Records

    Gusset have been scaring friends and punters alike since 1996, unleashing aural assaults at breakcore, techno and hip-hop nights around Bristol. Not to mention anywhere else that will have them, from Brighton to Madrid. They don't fit comfortably into any nice little pigeon hole and have a sound all of their own, but strangely no imitators. After a promising but stalled start as a low-fi Amiga 1200 toting indie band that made Portishead sound like the theme from My Little Pony they regrouped and concentrated on a purely electronic offering. Their break came in 2002 when Death$ucker head honcho Parasite booked them to support Fanny and Venetian Snares on board the good ship Thekla (the floating venue brought to Bristol by Vivian Stanshall as the Old Verity Showboat). Since then they have jumped at the opportunity to support any act their name sounds funny next to. This remix compilation brings together remixes of their 2004 self-released Skidmark CDr. With remixes from the likes of Planet Mu's Shitmat and Teknoist, Cock Rock Disco's Jason Forrest (née Donna Summer), Manchester's king of mash-up Hoonboy, V/Vm's hardoff (aka M-Pi), Death$ucker's Parasite and a collaboration with the Adverse Camber collective's DJ Spazmo. Further offerings include several of their own remanglings of the material, familiar to their live sets, and a track by Zod's Binray that claims to be a remix but neither he nor they can identify what was actually being remixed, it's all too long lost in time. If you thought "nu-rave" couldn't take any more irony, then you've yet to "Ask Dr Kim"!

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