• friday bridge Intricacy (CD, £9.95)

    label: But Is It Art?

    'Intricacy' is the highly anticipated debut album by Friday Bridge. It's about anonymity, volatility and literature. About Mannerism and cheap drinks, Jeanne de Vauds and Martin Fry. Intricacy can be described as cynical tales disguised in electronic beauty. The thirteen tracks on the album exist in a unique musical universe, but one where you can see shadows of Mylène Farmer, Dannii Minogue, Louis Philippe and the Human League. The album 'Intricacy' has been called 'the best pop album made in Sweden in 20 years' and 'genius pop music'. Friday Bridge is Ylva Lindberg, Sweden's latest acclaimed electro princess, and Niklas Gustafsson. Together they craft pure pop elegance. Tracklisting: 1. Prologue 2. Armance L’Actrice 3. Literature 4. Love and Nostalgia 5. The 21st Century 6. Edward VII 7. Le Satin s’empare de la Mode 8. The End of the Affair 9. A Testimony 10. Pigeon 11. It Girl 12. A Comedy 13. Good Night, Waterhouse

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