• say Yr. Kicks (green vinyl 7", £2.75)

    label: Aufgeladen und Bereit

    A debut release from a band bursting with sweetness and tenderness. Songs flow out of the heart like an explosion of sparkling melody and succulent harmony. Songs filled with originality and pop sensibility that will carry you away with a smile. All recorded at home in Pendle, UK. It all kicks off with YR KICKS, a driving, catchy, loop-the-loop, quirky pop song inspired by the wake-up call of youth and the frustrations that it can bring. Acoustic guitars, glockenspiels and 12-string 60`s electric solo madness bring this song to a climactic and beautiful finale. RICH's addictive and fantastic melodies whizz and spin around this well crafted arrangement. One to warm the cockles, grab your partner for a dance and twirl! Eastern European imagery on FIELDS is conjured up through the haunting sound of accordions and lyrical visions of labouring the land. Unusually psychedelic in its form, sucking you into a bygone era.

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