• a crack in the cosmic egg  (CD-ROM, £11.95)

    The Ultimate Krautrock Encyclopaedia. Encyclopaedia of Krautrock, Kosmische Musik, & other progressive, experimental & electronic musics from Germany. PC html based, 689 mb, huge! 3 hours of music, plus videos, etc., etc. 1000's of pictures, full discographies, lots of bonus specialist sections: jazz, avant-garde, synth, NDW, etc. We tried to think of everything. Mind boggling! Contents: 1 x 689 mb, PC html CD-ROM + full colour cover & souvenir insert. DVD size presentation case. Free CDR 'The Cosmic Auricle & Other Eggshells' + free CD 'Psychedelic Underground 13'. 2,068 entries!

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